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Save some of your company's expenses by reducing the need for sick leave.

Massage and osteopathy promote employee well-being by combating stress and strain.

Why massage and osteopathy for employees?

Active maintenance of health is the best treatment - it is an investment in both your personal and your company's future.


Preventive Massage and osteopathy are the keys to improving health and productivity.

Preventive massage is not just a relaxation method; it is a strategic investment in one's well-being and the success of the company.

Here are a few reasons why preventive massage is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and an effective work environment:

How could I arrange a massage for your employees?

  • Regular visits to your company's premises

  • Regular or one-time massage visits to your company's premises.

  • I offer serial cards for the staff to use at Olgapatia Massage Studio

  • Serial cards are a flexible option for those employees who want to use the services according to their own schedule outside of working hours.


Thank you! I will send you an offer soon.

Payment methods

The following payment methods are accepted at my reception:

Card payment methods 

  • Mobile payment 

  • Online bank payment 

  • Bank card payment 

Invoice and Installment payment

Welfare payments 

  • ePassi Well-being pass 

  • EdenRed massage benefit

  • Ogapatia's own serial card (payment without commission to third parties)

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Exercise and recreation balances (Liikunta- ja virkistyssaldo), as well as sports vouchers (liikuntasetelit), are not accepted as payment methods for massage.

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